Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Women and Teens at Risk in Today's Culture

"Alcohol: A Women’s Health Issue" brings up some incredibly frightening scenerios: The woman who said she needed to drink half a glass of hard liquor driving drunk; the girl with anorexia/bulemia drinking herself sick; a woman too drunk to care for her kids; another girl passed out in a field. Sexual assault comes to mind as another likely "side-effect" of out of control drinking. The toll excessive drinking takes on health, families, emotions, and relationships is HUGE. In most places, it is legal and easy to come by. The younger a woman starts using, the more likely she’ll have problems with it in her life.

Alcohol and drug use has become a sort of tradition in American culture. It’s a coming-of-age rite for teenagers and a social bonding ritual for men, women, and adolescents. Environment influences a person’s susceptibility to alcohol use and abuse. If everyone else is doing it, shouldn’t you do it too?