Sunday, September 27, 2009

3 Movies

The first movie was very informative from a professionals point of view however it did not say much that made me feel like I did not want to try drugs. In other words knowing that glorification of drug in the pop culture or how drugs define membership boundaries without some amunition to deal with those issues only made me feel helpless.

The second movie seemed to be bits of a presentation from a very dynamic woman who not only shared facts that made me not want to use but brought up information that was new to me. I think the most dynamic part was that Marijuana can lead to cardiac arivula and that recepters covering the memory centers are all totally affected by Marijuana. I am so often faced with the "it's just pot" routine and just realized how unarmed I am to address it. She was very factual and short with her answers. They were like a gun going off. The other new piece of information was that the front brain is connected to the emotional brain but not until full maturity. Teens are not even equipted to put the information together with the caring emotional piece of themselves which has validated my gut feeling that I needed to protect my kids from association with drugs any way I can. And that is why they are homeschooling.

The third movie was not new information for me and I was dissapointed that there was not more on the reasons why women get addicted to alcohol easier. It was a movie perhaps more aimed at breaking down the denial of women as they might hear stories that they could relate to. I am not sure that it hit it's mark because I could even hear myself saying, "Oh that's not me", and I have 22 years clean and sober. Still there was one thing that was that women who started drinking younger had a greater chance of becomming addicted later in life. Again grist for our mill to protect our youth.