Thursday, September 24, 2009


I was unable to access the internet on Wednsday due to a storm we are having.

The video on the Complexity of Drug Abuse was a good question and answer session. It was stated that Drugs are an everyday occurance and that people are being as responsible as possible, but due to the human behavior substance abuse happens. I strongly belive in these statements. Nobody wants to become an addict, it just happens. Learning the facts about drugs and the skills needed to either overcome or say no from the begining is very important!!
This brings me to the Teen discussion on drug abuse. I really enjoyed this video. I believe that prevention is the key when it comes to youth. I liked how the kids got involved and asked questions. I wish there was someone to teach prevention when I was in school, or at least give information about what the effects of drugs are, not just say "drugs are bad". I think that drug abuse awareness needs to be incorporated into every high school curriculum.
The women and alcohol video was very emotional. The thing that stood out the most for me was the fact "alcohol kills more teenagers than all other illegal drugs combined" I was shocked by this statistic.
It was nice to see a happy ending and all the women telling how long they have been sober for. This video gives hope for many!