Monday, September 21, 2009


Tonight was a fun class. I was looking forward to doing my screening and felt good about it when it was through.
I felt a bit uncomfortable at first, just because it was something new and I could tell that my client was going to be a difficult one right from the get go.
I enjoyed the feedback from both the instructor and the students.
I tried to stay positive and get as much information as possible from the reluctant client.
I liked the suggestion about mentioning confidentiality in the very begining as an ice breaker. Some people may be reluctant to disclose personal information if they are not told it is confidential.
It is difficult to find things in common while doing the screening over the phone, but I think that after practice and carefull considerations of all the feedback, I may be able to do better next time around.
The second screener did a great job. She has a very soft voice and seems easy to talk to. I would feel comfortable talking with her. I like her comment " I admire your 25 years of sobriety" that is quite the ackomplishment and everyone deserves to be recognized for that.
Overall the class went great and I look forward to final presentations.