Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Breaking Denial and Being Soft

I doubt that we will meet many people who have not been affected by the disease of alcoholism. So when I hear of people or agencies who are holding out a welcoming hand of help a feeling of deep gratitude goes out to them. Tonight our professor told of an agency who invites every client to take an assessment for alcohol abuse. The most powerful part of addiction is denial and I cannot even imagine a more powerful setting to address it. Doctors have always been respected and listened to. Family and friends of alcoholics have become nags but a professional addressing it would leave an impression. It must have been an incredible person or team who wrote the grants and implemented such an innovative idea. So my heart feels good about that but I am still a bit shaky about the interview.
Having the opportunity to experience doing an assessment that felt so real was awesome. I missed the eye contact and offering of a cup of tea which relaxes me, but was very much reminded of the anger that is holding back the truth with this disease. Even while listening to the other classmate do her skit I knew that the personality portrayed was very real. I think It has prepared me for being ready to, “soften”. That is the word used by the professor which will be waiting in my mind like a mantra. While working with kids who have behavior (anger) issues I find that just waiting (softly) is often what they need and they join the circle on their own. I also like the comment that invited us to let their anger flow through us. That is kind of like being a ninja and using non resistance. Or maybe it is just showing them that we have safe space and they can too. I have my own fears and anger about this disease and without this awareness I may react which would not be helpful. There is a little rambling here but I am learning as I talk and I thank you all for listening.