Monday, September 21, 2009


Today in class a couple of my classmates interviewed our instructor for an assessment. It seems that it is much easier to listen to an actual interview, rather than do it. Why? Because when I did my assessment, my mind just went scrambling, and I got all buggered up. It is much easier to listen & learn from others and take notes for your own benefit. I learned that we all need to state our purpose when a client comes to us (court ordered or not) for help. We need to make them feel as comfortable as possible, let them know that they can call us whenever needed, and invite them back for another visit anytime during work hours.

I will watch the three videos on BLOG and write about it, before Wednesday's class.

I will also start working on my oral presentation. Maybe I will get an article from the newsminer or ADN.

I am finally able to log back into blackboard (thanks to UAF helpline), so now I can have access to everything that will be taught in class.

Today was a good day in class...thanks for reading my blog.