Saturday, September 12, 2009


I chose IslandGirl as my screen name because I was born and raised on an Island in Alaska.
I chose to title my blogs with the date of the class I am blogging on. This will help me keep track of each blog.
It is always exciting to start a new class, meet new people and learn the teaching styles of a new instructor.
I am eager to begin learning the ins and outs of substance abuse assessment writing, as well as hearing all of the input from other students. One of the students and I have been in the same class in the past and I enjoy her spiritual take on all aspects of life.

I read the Guide to Substance Abuse Services for Primary Care Clinicians. After doing so, I spoke with my doctor who has been providing medical care for me since i was born. I asked her if she has ever been trained in any sort of substance abuse prevention and what sort of knowledge does she have on the subject.
Apparently, Medical school does not have a curriculum on substance abuse. This worries me...espessially with the Narcotic Abuse Epidemic which is currently underway.

I look forward to discussing this subject in class because it is a huge issue at the agency in which I work as well as my personal life.