Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Screening Practice

Today we did a role play on screening a client over the phone. To me, this was very hard to do, because I like to do screenings in person. It makes it so much easier because you can actually see how the client answers your questions. Body language is also a must if you want an accurate or truthful screening.

I was so nervous today in class because I haven't done a screening before. At first, my mind went scrambling for answers, which made me uncomfortable. And, the questions that I asked got my client irritated because my client didn't think she had a problem. And, this is not what I want to do in a real screening. I will continue to practice my techniques with coworkers or family members, to make me feel more comfortable. I will learn to listen more, I will learn to relax and not get so nervous, I will be as sweet as possible, and I will add a little humor to my screenings. I will do what it takes to make my client feel comfortable talking with me, and also to let them know that I'm there if they ever need me at any time.

Today was quite the experience for me, but I'm glad that I am here to help or assist people in need. Thank you for reading my blog.