Monday, September 14, 2009


Tonight in class we reviewed the syllabus again. I am excited about the oral presentation. I have the perfect case in mind which I have been following in the police blotter and on the AK Courts Website.
I am also interested in the final exam. I have never taken an exam over the phone or on Blackboard so I am looking forward to experiencing that.

Also, tonight in class we began talking about assessments and the "pre-assessment".
In order to get truthfull information which will benefit the assessment and the client in the long run, to individual needs to feel comfortable. This sometimes is not such an easy task.
I know how hard it is to walk through the doors of an agency for a substance abuse assessment, let alone divulge all of your personal information to either a complete stranger or to someone who isnt too fond of you because of the bad choices you have made in the past.
I have used the technique of finding something to comment them on to break the ice, and let them know that you arent here to critisize or judge.
In some cases you must remind the client that what happens inside these walls are completely confidential and you are a professional doing your job to try and assist the individual.
It is sometimes hard to get the respect you need as a professional when the whole town knows your history as well.