Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Tonight was a good class. I enjoyed the discussion about physician and prescription medications. The topic has been on my mind for quit some time and it is really great to get others feedback. As you could probably tell it is a very personal issue and I appologize if I offended anyone. I didnt mean to accuse or point fingers, I just wanted to get others point of view.
The example later presented about the patient asking for anti-depressants and the follow up from the physician on researching the patient history was great! I know everyone in the medical field are very busy and want to provide the best care possible for the patients but I would really love to see more traditional, natural healing techniques being used. I understand that South Central has tribal doctors which is something I would like to learn more about.
The substance abuse screening scenarios were fun to listen to. The first one was excellent and really made me feel comfortable listening to it. The tone of both the client and the helpers voices really set the mood.
The second screening was tense and uncomfortable, a perfect example of the diversity you may encounter when working with substance abuse.
The feedback was great and the instructors tips helped. The main idea is to connect with the client and make them feel comfortable disclosing such sensitive information.
I esspessially like the idea of making sure and ask the client if you can see them again. I think this really makes the client feel that you care.