Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Summing up the course

This was a comprehensive class with some great info about interviewing skills and motivating clients. In learning the dimensions of the ASAM PPC2, I became aware of what all goes into deciding on a treatment plan and what Level of care a person should be placed in. The time we spent on how to make the client comfortable, and role playing a screening for drug and alcohol abuse, was useful to me. I am not in the substance abuse field yet but I was interested to learn about the different screening and assessment tools that are used, and about the TIPS, and the Stages of Change. I also found the instructor’s comments about her personal experience in the field to be enlightening. It was not a boring class at all – I looked forward to each class and enjoyed writing in the blog and reading other’s comments in the blog. When I took the final exam I felt that I came away from the class with a good understanding of the material that was presented.