Wednesday, October 7, 2009


In this class I learned about ASAM dimensions and how they are used in addressing substance abuse as well as the different types of substance abuse screenings and approaches used when counseling substance abuse clients.
I have become more familiar with the terminology used in substance abuse treatment.
Before this class I didnt realize that the primary care provider is the best person to do an early intervention, it makes sense I just never thought of that. I always assumed the family would be the begining.
I will contiue to build on the skills I have learned in this class while at work and in my journey as a student.
The handouts are great and I will use them while working with individuals with substance abuse as their primary disability in vocational rehabilitation.
This was a wonderful class, I wish it was longer and we could learn more skills to early interventions and perhaps prevention.
I look forward to having others in future classes.