Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Learnings from HUMS 261

This Substance Abuse Assessment class was a fast, but great learning experience for me. I enjoyed all the classes that I participated in, writing in the BLOG, and everybody’s input throughout the class. I learned the different techniques about doing an actual assessment, and the different tools that can be used. I also learned that listening is the best tool you can use when working with any client. I learned how the diagnosis of substance abuse is decided in a treatment setting and how to be prepared for it.

I am not a counselor yet, but some day I will be, and this class has taught me how to make it easier. I am excited to have learned all these great techniques and tools to help me as I move towards my degree. I will practice with pretend clients using the different strategies of assessing clients. I understand that if I don’t do it consistently, I will lose the skills that I just learned. And, I do not want that to happen.

Lara is a great instructor, and I am so honored to have her help me to move on to achieve my educational goal. I wish all the instructors/professors were as courteous and supportive like Lara. Thank you Lara and I look forward to working with you again in the near future.