Monday, October 5, 2009


TIP 35 is about the concept of motivation which is very interesting to me.

The motivation is directed toward the best interest of the client.
The idea that the clients best interest is at heart hopefully with spark motivation in the client who will be compliant with the reccommendations of the treatment plan.
Tip 35 explains how the counselor and staff can have a part of the plan and influence the client to change by building a rapport with the client. This will help the client trust the counselor and let them be a partner in their recovery process.
This TIP also describes different motivational techniques that can be used in all stages of change.

This TIP would be great for motivating involuntary clients who may not want to change and it states that motivation for change is the key to addressing substance abuse.

I believe this is an excellent TIP. The client needs to be "motivated" and want to change thier behavior in order for any treatment to work.

The different views on treatment are great because if something doesnt work, look at it from a different prespective and maybe the new techniques will work.