Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Assignment 5 of 9

After reading the stages of change,and chapter 4 of TIP35 I could not help but shake my head in agreement with the methods and procedures used to help substance abusers get on the road to recovery. From contemplation to relapse, this is a cycle that may play it self over and over again before a user is completely ready and able to stop abusing or using substances. I agree with reading, that providing more information is not always the better route to go with a substance abuser who is in the stage of precontemplation. I think that a person should be guided into the stages slowly, given the correct information as mentioned in the reading, and given as much time as needed to make the first steps to becoming independent of drugs and/or alcohol. I think giving them too much information may overwhelm them, and sometimes even cause the substance abuser to think that remaining on the substance is easier than taking in too much information. The substance abusers must realize for themselves the problems and grief caused by their abuse of drugs and/or alcohol, and want to make the necessary steps to help themselves. As mentioned in the readings, our goals in assisting abusers are to establish reporrt and trust, explore events that precipitated treatment entry, and commend clients for coming. I think that if these guidelines are practiced better in some establishments, there would be more successful recoveries. I think that most of the time stereo types and prejudice gets in the way of progress, which only leads to more devastation. I know from my experiences dealing with substance abusers most of them are always trying to see if your there to help them, or there to receive a pay check.