Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Assignment 8 of 9

After reading through TIP 31. I notice that it is covered by different laws and social services, asses people 11 to 21 years old, and has a time limit for assessing adolescents. There are legal issues of screening and assessing teenagers, including confidentially, duty to warn, and how to communicate with other agencies. As mentioned in the reading, "Adolescents differ from adults both physiologically and emotionally..." so special assessments and screenings are necessary and needed to improve the services to adolescents. I think that if the resources and time is concentrated on adolescents then we can prevent them from becoming adult substance abusers. Unlike adults; adolescent have not yet fully developed physically, psychological, or emotional; which leaves them susceptible to psychological issues, while already dealing with the issues of being a teen; such as sexuality, egocentrism, and peer pressure.