Saturday, December 12, 2009

Adolescent and Theraputic Issues

After reviewing the videos: Adolescent Brain, Dr. Randal Pinkett on Judge Hatchett Show Mentoring a Teen, Wyoming Camp for Troubled Teens, and One Move At A Time. I noticed that all the video dealt with troubled teens who only needed a change in their environment and someone to encourage them and show them that they could do better. I think that we as adults are easily willing to give up on children in today's society, we are quick to say that they are trouble makers, uncontrollable, or even evil. But as mentioned in the Adolescent Brain video, the adolescent years are when the brain is producing more and more of the gray matter in the frontal lobe of the brain, which is referred to as the thinking part of the brain; unfortunately this is the time when adolescents are experimenting with drugs and risky behavior, and because we are quick to outcast them I think we are giving them the go ahead to carry out the behaviors that they display. As mentioned in the video, Adolescent Brain, if a child does not use the cells developing in their brains then they loose them, be it not being active, or drugs. If we look back during the 50's and 60's I don't think that children behavior was a difficult as it is today. I think that our values and services to children have changed. I can remember witnessing a child threaten his parents with social service, if they did not allow him to go the neighborhood dance. I think we have given the adolescents more freedom and less rules. children want discipline, but if they see that they can get away with something then that a chance that their willing to take. I think that adolescents have too much free time and need more positive activities in their lives